On hypocrisy

It was an extraordinary morning. I managed to wake up two hours earlier and finish a story that was on my mind for a long time. There was nothing left to do, so I decided to leave for work early. In the passageway at Unirii metro station, I meet all those that go to work at 8. All around me, people are almost running in the direction pointed by the arrows drawn on the floor. A man in a suit is in more of a hurry than the rest, restlessly fretting when he had to wait for someone to take a step and give him room to move forward. At a certain point, he took a step on the other lane. He got in the way of a strong, middle-aged man going into the opposite direction, who hit him deliberately, making him lose his balance.

– A bunch of desperates, I told myself. I wonder where they are going in such a hurry?

I reach the metro station close to my office half an hour before I usually start working. I decide to stop at a supermarket and buy a snack. At the register, there is a 10-person queue. A bored cashier, with a nose ring, sits down on the adjacent lane. The last person in the queue, a young woman in her twenties, asks if she could also pay there. He says ‘yes’, and the young woman goes and puts her groceries on the counter in front of him. The lady with a bun who now remained the last one in the queue, said to the cashier:

– Were we not supposed to respect the queue?

– Is it my fault, ma’am? I only cash in products.

– You could insist on common sense. Nowadays we have forgotten to be educated.

The cashier finishes collecting from the young woman.

– Please come here as well, he says.

The same lady with a bun who scorned him earlier puts her bags on the counter before the 7 other people that were left in front of her at the first queue.

I pay for my things and reach work. The first thing I do is read e-mails that came over the week-end, to see if there are any emergencies. A long e-mail draws my attention. In it, a colleague who is upset that he did not close a deal talks about how we are a team that shares both success and failure. In the ending, he says:

– Because of the fact that department x (my department) ruined the relationship with the customer, it was impossible for me to make him sign.

I am thinking to answer back  to him saying that the loss of his commision hurts me as if we were on the same team. A reminder pops up before I get a chance to answer – I must go to a training I had forgotten about.

In the meeting room, the teacher proposes we present ourselves in an unusual fashion: with our first name and a quality of ours that stars with the same letter as our name. A colleague from another department, Laura, says she is loyal.

During the break, loyal Laura starts talking to us all about her friend, the one holding the training:

– She is a good girl, but a bit stressed, she needs a man if you know what I mean.

I wonder if loyalty is the only quality starting with the letter L.

At the end of my shift, Bogdan calls me. I went out with him a couple of times and he was already very dear to me. He asks me out. He is already at Unirii, I need to go through the passageway and get out, he is there, waiting for me.

In the subway, right next to me, a girl is talking about how important it is to be honest, on a bored tone. At some point, she looks at the phone and, all of the sudden, says in a hurry:

– I need to go, someone is calling me and it is an emergency.

She answers the other call, giggling and passionately talking about the next party she was going to go to.

Unirii is next. I go flying up the stairs and get to the passageway. It is not packed, but I still need to go around a few people to get to the escalator faster.

– God, these people walk slowly! Don’t they have anything to hurry to?


^ The picture is from Andreei Clinciu’s portfolio, see more on her facebook  or instagram.

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