The bittersweet pill # 1 – On the phone

– How is daddy’s sweetheart?

– Good, daddy! When are you coming?

– As soon as daddy’s plane lands, daddy will come straight to you!

– Will you take me to Bucharest?

– Yes, sweetheart.

– Will we stop in Brasov, at the playground?

– We will do everything your heart desires.

– I love you, daddy!

– Daddy loves, you, too! But why are you whispering?

– Mommy is here and she gets mad if she hears me.


– Hi, Loredana?

– Lorena.

– I think we have a common friend. Do you know a tall guy, called Lawrence?

A few hours before, I had my first date with this boy who turned all girls’ heads. He gracefully bored me for a couple of hours. I would have found an excuse to leave but we met his friends who taught me some useful jokes.

– Who are you?

– I am his girlfriend, we have been together for 4 years. I found your number in his phone and I was wondering if he lied to me in what you’re concerned.

– He probably did, we just went out on a date earlier today. I had no idea he had a girlfriend.

When I said that, she started crying on the phone.

– He always does that. Today he lied to me that he had driving lessons.

She told me she was feeling faint and asked me to call her an ambulance although we knew nothing about each other. I have no idea why I did not hung up on her – probably because she seemed unstable and completely in love. I told her to calm down and when she could think straight again, to consider herself. If this boy did her harm, why didn’t she give up on him?

After another 40 mins of conversation, she became curious about me. She wanted to see me. I refused that. She told me her full name and said I could look her up on Hi5 (we did not have facebook back then). She was pretty, with a perfectly oval face and symmetrical features, big eyes, very white skin and perfect black curls – she reminded me of the romantic ideal of feminine beauty.

She promised to give up on him, without believing a word, and hung up. 15 minutes later, she must have confrunted him because I received an SMS from him out of the blue: he wanted me to leave him alone because he had a girlfriend and he was happy with her.

All this happened 8 years ago. I wonder how many children they have now?


^ The picture is from Mihaela Nitulescu’s portfolio, see more on her facebook.

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