The metro ticket

Then, I showed it to my mother, 58. Job: Failed mathematics and physics teacher. She was more of a literature aficionado but she was pushed towards a technical profile because that was the only reputable field during communist times.

Be careful what you wish for!

When the third leaf turned brown, I was convinced that the Universe was sending me a message: I would die alone. I prepared to move it to a different pot, with soil mixed with wood charcoal and finely grinded brick. Little rocks at the bottom of the pot, covered in a thin layer of sawdust. When I took out the plant, I realized…

Bet on the poet!

Bolano’s character from ‘The Beach’ is observed by a character I imagined

The meeting

An unexpected meeting makes the main character write a reproach letter to the past…

On hypocrisy

Who do you think is the most hypocrite character? The lady in the supermarket who demands respect and cuts in front of the queue, the ‘loyal’ colleague that gossips about her friends or the main character, who, in the evening, contradicts her morning thoughts?

Childhood friends

Matthew leads his childhood friend through the gay bars in Soho, trying to tell him a secret. This journey stirs a series of memories for James, about his life and experiences he shared with his friend…