The bittersweet pill # 1 – On the phone

2 short phone conversations, one is sad, one – funny : what happens to a child once his parents divorce and a call from the girlfriend of your last date.

Pastila de râsu-plânsu # 1 – La telefon

Una rece, alta calda – doua conversatii scurte la telefon, cu poveste: ce se intampla unui copil dupa ce parintii divorteaza si o conversatie cu prietena baiatului cu care tocmai ai iesit in oras.

On hypocrisy

Who do you think is the most hypocrite character? The lady in the supermarket who demands respect and cuts in front of the queue, the ‘loyal’ colleague that gossips about her friends or the main character, who, in the evening, contradicts her morning thoughts?

Despre ipocrizie

Cine credeti că e cel mai ipocrit personaj? Doamna din supermarket care pretinde respect si taie coada, colega ‘loiala’ care isi barfeste prietenii sau chiar personajul principal, care contrazice seara ceea ce gandise dimineata?

Prieteni din copilărie

Matthew îşi conduce prietenul din copilărie prin cluburile gay din Soho încercând să îi spună un secret. Plimbarea îi provoacă lui James o serie de amintiri despre viaţa lui şi întamplări prin care care a trecut cu prietenul lui…

Childhood friends

Matthew leads his childhood friend through the gay bars in Soho, trying to tell him a secret. This journey stirs a series of memories for James, about his life and experiences he shared with his friend…

Mr. Petrica

I met Mr. Petrica in Herastrau. He was smoking used cigarette butts and smelled like dead flowers. Had the stern posture of a general and the delicate gestures of a watchmaker. He wasn’t begging, but didn’t refuse to eat with me, either. Thus, I learnt his story was not at all as I had imagined…